Thursday, 26 April 2012

Orange Julep

Take the chill pill
Another day in the bar. Busy! Great!
And another, and another...
Weeks go by! No time to snooze! No time to loose!
But sometimes you need to slow down. Take the Chill Pill! :)
When during busy service you get some time to spare for a chat with your caring guest, it's incredible.
It's like finding oasis in a desert.
Last weekend I had a customer who ordered one of my creation from the cocktail list @Cinnamonsoho.
It's called "Orange Julep". A twisted classic!
It's a perfect companion for your night in the busy city!
Take a break, have an "Orange Julep"!
Orange Julep
The drink:
Orange Julep
40 ml Bourbon infused with toasted figs*
15 ml Grand Marnier
1 bar spoon (massive) of Gooseberry Chutney**
5 ml Simple syrup

2 Orange wedges

Muddle orange in  a copper mug or julep tin.
Add Gooseberry Chutney. Fill glass with crushed ice.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix vigorously with the bar spoon.
Next top up with crushed ice and add garnish.;
Orange zest & a Cherry

* Bourbon infused with toasted figs:
In this case i used Makers Mark Bourbon
5 dried Figs per bottle of bourbon.
Cut figs in half and toast them under grill or pastry torch until figs caramelises and gets nice 
brown crust from both sides. Keep figs 3 days in the bourbon.

**Gooseberry Chutney:
1 kg of gooseberry (room temp)
1 whole chilly
1 tea spoon fennel seeds
3 star anise
5 cloves
2 inches of cinnamon stick
2 bay leaves
2 table spoon of chilly powder
400 gram of sugar
150 ml white vinegar
salt according to taste
Cooking Method:
Temper all spices until starts cracking
add gooseberries
after 5 min of cooking add sugar+salt+vinigar
cook until thick puree.

Enjoy your drink!

You been served by Bar Alchemist

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